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cropedroscowhispy333x250From the beginning!

My name is Rosco “Carrico” Crooke and you’ve come to Carricocreations. Since this is the about Carricocreations page I’m going to talk alot about myself, my family, and my way of thinking. Let’s start with my birth and work forward. When I was an infant I was adopted by Bill and Donna Crooke whom are now and have always been my parents. They are the people that raised me, taught me, disciplined me, loved me, cared for me, you see where I’m going with all that. Anyways, they adopted me from my birth mother about a week after I was born. The last name of my birth mother is “Carrico” and more importantly her mothers last name, Patricia Carrico.  My grandmother Patricia Carrico was a great painter and started painting much later in life. She eventually stopped painting because it became a job instead of a passion for her. She painted beautiful paintings of Native American culture and topics of that nature. While she used canvas for many of her works, she also used leather frequently to give it the proper feel and respect she thought certain paintings deserved.  I’m painting and creating under the use of my middle name Carrico to honor my late grandmother and to connect to a side of me that I felt existed, but was never really tapped into. “I love to paint and I’m so glad it’s a part of what I’m doing now!!!”

mom in tie dye shirt I made

My Mom Donna Crooke in a tie dye shirt I made for her. She has dedicated her whole life to helping people, love her so much.

College days where I learned about business, wasted lots of time, made some great friends, and wrestled in the mud pit.

College days where I learned about business, wasted lots of time, made some great friends, and wrestled in the mud pit.

Me, my dad Bill Crooke and my little brother Joey Crooke when I'm about 16

I miss my dad. This is me and my dad Bill Crooke with my little brother Joey Crooke when I’m about 16 years old. My parents always told me to chase down my dreams.

Onto what happened next! Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to do something dynamic and world changing.While my parents always encouraged me to “go for it” I let outside influence and fear control me. I bought into the lie of “get a good paying job with benefits and you’ll be happy or at least on track.” There is nothing further from the truth about all that. What I needed to do was chase down and live my dreams of “creating.” Even when I went to college to take business it was never to go work for someone. I wanted to be an entrepreneur that started many different ventures and lived with passion for creating and improving.

A step in a direction that wasn’t the greatest! I went to work for a convenience store when I was 21 to make some money and get things started.What I ended up doing was working at that place for 6 or 7 years on a graveyard shift. Not the greatest idea I’ve ever had and I certainly didn’t plan it out like that. I just fell into a groove and then a ditch and then a hole I could hardly get out of. I got a few raises while I was there and was getting paid pretty good wages for the

area I live in. The owner had also made me night manager (all sounds good, but that is the

trap of comfortable money and false titles). However, I learned a great deal from my boss and from working at night. It wasn’t time wasted really, it was more like time not used well. Much “experience about life” was gained while working with people coming in drunk,high, in the middle of a divorce, at the beginning of a marriage, dropping out of school, right after a murder, right after a fight, or simply to get their stuff before they went to work. To get down to the grit of it “I learned people for better and for worse.” Then when I couldn’t take it anymore and the “thought of selling one more scratch ticket to a tweaker almost made me want to attack” I realized I needed to leave.

Picture of carricocreations owner and artist Rosco "Carrico" Crooke

This is when I was working at the post office and I thought we were going to be laid off. I was so happy and then it never came. I finally decided I had to get out and chase down my dreams. Believe me when I say I never normally looked this happy inside the post office. While I made some great friends, it tore at my soul.

I can be a slow learner when it comes to certain things, this is a good example of thatInstead of me going after my dreams of creating and being in business for myself I chose to go work for “The Post Office.”Probably one of the dumbest things to do for someone that was already having a mental breakdown from working around crazy people all night. So I ended up “working for the government” for around 7 years, 7 long years, 7 years of fighting my own mind on what makes sense and doesn’t( did I mention that these 7 years were also on the graveyard shift?) If you’ve never worked for the government I really can’t explain what it’s like, because it would just sound like a “made up nightmare.” -Overall Government Mindset is when something works correctly it’s time to make it not work correctly. When something isn’t working right, make sure it never never works right- I could go on and on about that, but I can feel my blood pressure rising and my pulse starting to pound.

picture tie dye of freedom

Making of own tie dye shirts to wear and maybe someday selling them. It’s great to make your own designs and wear them. I wore black clothes all the time I worked at the post office, now it’s time for color!!!

Things got better and worse all together! Along the way I learned a great deal more “about people” while working at The Post Office. I will say that I made friends at The Post Office that have very much helped me in life and helped me through alot of loss while working there and I am forever thankful for those that were by my side. I had three of my closest friends die while working in that place Abram Stice, Vernon Lipscomb, and George Yent(they didn’t die from working at the post office, they never worked there). I also lost family, my sister

Kathleen Crooke my brother Anthony (Tony) Crooke my nephew Jack Crooke and my father Bill Crooke. That whole 7 years became more of a blur the longer I worked there and even more with the people around me passing away. Either I had about “three emotional breakdowns” while working there or I was losing my mind and cracking like an egg over and over. The truth is though, that I needed all of that to happen!!!!If it hadn’t been such a struggle and if I hadn’t lost all those people; I wouldn’t have changed and grown at all and I needed to change and grow.

Picture of shocking youth message by Paul Washer

A message God used to save my soul from hell. Might offend some people, but I’d rather take a chance at offending someone, than have them miss the real gospel truth being presented to them. If you’ve ever really wondered about or questioned Christianity this is the video for you. It gives real answers that pretty much offends Christians and Non-Christians alike.


A spiritual awakening took place! While all of that was going on, deeper issues were taking place. For many years I had went to church, lots of different churches in fact. I was looking for answers and mostly all I got was stupid sayings and poking remarks. It was hard to get some honest truth about what was in the bible and how so many things in any church contradicted what the bible says. In 2007 I stumbled across (God lead me to) a video on godtube.com titled,”The Paul Washer Project” and then a life changing sermon and video titled,”Shocking Youth Message.” In this three minute video many of the questions I had been not getting answers to were answered finally and the Shocking Youth Message killed, purged, and destroyed a part of me in a great way. That’s when I started to listen to Paul Washer sermons all the time. I would download mp3′s of his sermons and I started to get real answers that I didn’t always like, but I really needed to hear them.  In the year of 2007 is when I was saved by God. He truly led me to repentance and faith alone in Christ Jesus. Ever since that moment God has been trying me by fire and bringing to the surface all of my faults and there are many of them. He has been exposing them so I would be convicted about my wrong actions and change my ways to follow after Him better and most importantly to become more like Jesus Christ. God has been separating me from everything else and more towards Him for around 7 years now. I’ve said all of that, to say all of this “This year God brought me out of the darkness and depression I was in. He has lead me to “do something I love” create and for right now that means “life influenced original paintings that I love to make.” And to make a movie that is going to change the world, “Adopted by God.” It’s going to blow the roof off most churches and will end up being one of the most loved and hated motion pictures to ever be created. “It’s going to demonstrate real Christianity and who God really is.” That might be too much for some to read and not enough for others, but at least you now know. I wish I could have posted up a picture of me and my wife, but I’ve yet to find the right woman that God has for me. Everything is Gods timing, it wouldn’t be good any other way.

Now I’m an Artist & Rhino that God broke so He could use me. Creating bold and intimate paintings to help people Understand, Heal, and Be Inspired to LIVE, not just exist.

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