Inside the childlike mind!

Painting inside the childlike mind by Rosco Crooke

An idea for a painting that’s been running through my head for a long time now is how a childlike mind must look both physically and spiritually. Knowing how things look really helps me figure things out in many ways. If you can visualize something clearly you might be able to hold onto it or let go of it finally.

While with age comes wisdom, it also brings a calloused mind and sometimes spirit. There is a tendency to think mostly of work, family, friends, and maybe a few fun past times. The room to dream, imagine, and ask questions seems to disappear. A child looks at the sky and wonders how it was painted! An adult looks at it and just enjoys the view or ignores it, so you can see now how the idea of “questioning” is very lost with age. We might think that we’re philosophical about things and trying to make the world a better place and all that. However, the fact remains that in large part we lose the ability to question with a childlike mind. We’re in so far that we can’t step back far enough to ask who and why?

Painting inside the childlike mind by Rosco Crooke

“Inside the childlike mind” An exploration and explanation of what it’s like inside a childlike mind.

I don’t want to be childish, but I do want to keep a childlike spirit and mindset on some things. Losing all the wonder of the world and what God has created seems horrible. It’s like not being able to appreciate the beauty and design that has gone into every single thing there is.  I don’t want to say anything more and confuse the idea for the need of a “childlike mind.”  Hope you enjoyed the post, as always feel free to leave your thoughts and ask any questions you may have :)

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“Melancholy” looks like this?


For many years I felt melancholy and didn’t know what to make of it. When you’re in an emotional fog it’s hard to sometimes recognize and deal with it. It wasn’t until I felt much worse that I realized something was really wrong.

Most people think of feeling melancholy as being,”down in the mouth” or “just not feeling up to par.” It’s more than that and it has a way of completely taking over your life. It renders you useless in many ways. It staggers your thoughts and numbs your emotions. The impact it has is so large and so heavy over time, that it shapes your entire life into a “pallet of yellow lukewarm nothingness with dark gray germ-like thoughts running around inside you.”

Painting Melancholy Me by Rosco Crooke

“Melancholy Me” if you’ve ever felt Melancholy you’ll understand this piece very well.

I made this painting, “Melancholy Me” as a choice to get it out of my system forever. It’s a reminder to fight against those thoughts and feelings. And more importantly to do things in life that bring me higher in thought and emotion. I realize more and more all the time that you have to find something you love doing and throw yourself into it from deep inside. That action starts to -root out- the negatives and make way for the positives. It starts a cleansing and healing process to overcome things like depression and melancholy.


When you’re in an emotional fog like this it doesn’t go away, even when you’re dreaming it’s affecting you.

I hope enjoyed the post and if you ever have issues with feeling melancholy let me know and I’d be glad to talk to you about it. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to share them.  Take care and God Bless, Rosco “Carrico” Crooke

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What does Art do for anyone?

Painting Abstractula freezing over by Rosco Crooke

I ask myself this question more and more all the time now in different ways “What does art do for anyone?” Great news is that I have my answer to that now and more clearly than ever.

Painting Abstractula freezing over by Rosco Crooke

“Abstractula freezing over” this piece has so much going on in it. I don’t want to explain it away, it’s something you’ll find for yourself.

Art breaks up the routine of our lives in a great way!!! I cannot stress this point enough, but I will certainly try.

The daily routine most of us get into can become robotic and set our minds on cruise control. Wake up, shower, eat, say hello to family, go to work, come home, visit a little, eat, visit, and then do some evening ritual before bed.

Sometimes that repetition can lead us to ignore that which we were are around the most and forget we even have it. A loss of appreciation for the simplest of things and for what’s really going on.

I believe Art in many various forms stimulates the mind and opens us up to thinking and more importantly “feeling” again. It might even be because you hate the art and can’t stand it with every ounce of who you are, but at least there is a feeling. I believe good art makes you,”Appreciate what you see, makes you think, and makes you feel.” When all of those things come together it can be inspiring. If it’s only one or two of those things, at least there is some -outside daily life routine stimuli- going on and it’s needed more than ever. If people think that I’m wrong about this, take a look around at how many people suffer from depression, melancholy, lethargy and all the other stuff like it. It’s been shown that people with issues like this respond to art in a very positive way. While others may not exactly have issues like this. They can be elevated in thought and emotion by the experience of Art.

Painting Melancholy Me by Rosco Crooke

“Melancholy Me” if you’ve ever felt Melancholy you’ll understand this piece very well.

I think more people really like Art and they don’t even realize it. You see it all the time if you really think about what Art is. It may be that just the word “Art” itself triggers something in people to think of the Rich Snobby people eating wine and cheese while laughing at horrible jokes.  That’s not what “Art” is and when people see the work itself and not the hoity-toity people around it. I think they truly do appreciate it, even if they won’t admit it.

To summarize this is one shot.
Art breaks up daily routine and breathes life back into. It makes us think, feel, and challenge what we’re doing. It helps us appreciate what we have and what we want. It opens us up!

I hope you enjoyed the post :) Love to hear any thoughts, comments, shares, or whatever is on your mind. God Bless, Rosco “Carrico” Crooke

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New Painting “Bereaved” and why I made it.

Original Painting Bereaved

Since my mother “Donna Claire Crooke” passed away I’ve been feeling and sorting things out in my head. Knowing what to do with all those feelings and thoughts isn’t always easy. So I finally made a painting about my Mom that captured a bit of who she was.  When I first showed it to a couple relatives I think they were very confused and maybe even upset by it.

Painting Bereaved

“Bereaved” a painting all about loss of a loved one. I created this shortly after my Mom died.

The reality is that it captures some things about my mom that others probably never really understood. Over the course of her life she lost several children right after child birth. And while my Mom had two children that lived on and adopted others. She never forgot and never stopped feeling that loss. It was always a part of her. It sounds very morbid and sad, but there is something positive about this. I truly believe that all that loss is what helped shape my mother “Donna Crooke” into such a caring and forgiving person. As you may have read in my previous blog, she always opened up her home to strangers and she always forgave those that hurt her. It was like she had an Open Wound almost all her life and helping others was like a band aid. It’s a reminder to me that while I feel the loss of her and other friends and family that have passed away. Those losses are for a reason and that maybe I’m meant to be a bit of a more Open Wound and therefore more helping and caring. As far as the painting goes,”Look right in the center of it.” That orange outline is my mother looking down and if you look closely you’ll see some blue. That blue is one of the children she lost in child birth. The other blue pieces you see in the painting are her other children that she lost along her path in life. While there is great sadness in this piece, it changes under black light and looks like something different. It almost shows the strength that comes from weakness. Parts of this also glow in the dark and it’s a reminder to me how even when the lights turn off, there is something going on in our minds and lives. Making it black light reactive is to showcase that sometimes you need to shine a light on things to truly see what’s going on.

Original Painting Bereaved

Painting about my Mother Donna Crooke and her loss of children over the course of her life and what it did to her and for her.

Thank you all so much for reading this post. It’s obviously something special to be able to share something about my mother with you. I hope to paint a very happy picture of my mother soon.

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Freeing up your time by getting things done!

This is a picture of creating "The Creative Workshop" sign.

This is a picture of creating “The Creative Workshop” sign.

The more I work on finishing a huge “to do list” I created months ago, the more free I now feel to just create. While creating is always the major goal in mind, it’s often put on the back burner with worrying one way or another about other things getting done. Without certain things out of the way it almost seems impossible to “give myself permission” to simply CREATE! I’m thinking now that everything that’s been going on with my “to do list” and working on creative art projects has been exactly what I needed. Everyone has a different “creative process” on how they get things done. For some people it might be much easier and maybe they don’t need lists to help remind them of what they need to do. What I’m learning is that I do and that’s alright, now I embrace it and it’s helping me with now working on video, making some tie dye, and finishing a few paintings. I also seem to like to make things in three or four it seems. It’s like I need something very serious to work on, very colorful, very spiritual, and then a inner random piece that I don’t really know how to explain. This helps me relax on each piece and helps me not feel a need to incorporate all those things into a single piece, but separate pieces and keep them honest. The more I make and the more I think about “the process” in itself, the more I am learning about myself and how much more work I need on me,lol. Everyone is a work in progress though and that’s why God doesn’t give up on us. He is always bending and shaping us into something useful for His Glory and that is a great thing to lean on. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to share a handful of my new creations and you can see what comes out of all this random and structured thinking. Thank you for reading, you’ve just learned something about me Rosco “Carrico” Crooke and Carricocreations. What are your thoughts on freeing up time to get things done? What holds you back and what helps you move forward? Love to hear what’s going on in your head and life. God Bless “Carrico”

Picture of some tie dye shirts and feel great about being able to use so many colors.

Made some tie dye shirts and feel great about being able to use so many colors.

Art and creative projects aren’t easy to make simple.

The more art or creative projects I do. Example:tie dyes, paintings, videos etc..I’m realizing more and more how creating with so many options is alot of work. Throwing everything in something or not holding anything back is the easy part. That’s not really being creative though, if you throw everything you’re thinking onto something you end up with a mess. It’s the restraint that makes something special, holding back small things to get a bigger picture across. Many times when I’m painting I just want to go crazy with colors, but I realize that if I don’t hold something back I’ll lose the “idea” of what I’m making. That’s so important to hold onto and run with.

The Carricocreations studio, The Creative Workshop sign

Made the sign for Carricocreations studio,”The Creative Workshop” lots of fun playing with the carpet and dyes to make it just right. I really like crossing the “I’

I am going to use less restraint in a couple new acrylic paintings I’m working on and with a couple new pairs of tie dye jeans I’m going to make, but those are exceptions. Using restraint and being creative work for and against each other all the time. It’s such a weird mindset to work from when you think about it. You want to be creative, but if you go too far you have a mess. Sometimes a mess on a piece of canvas is considered to be great art and if it reflects what the artist wants to say, then it can be. Most of the time for me I’m moved by creations where I can “see” the thought that was behind or at least feel like I see it.

Creating a tie dye shirt

Creating a tie dye shirt is lots of fun. Try it a few times and you’ll be hooked.

Even in so called “randomness” there is order of some kind. Many would argue that, but the human mind works to find order in everything. That’s why restraint in creativity can be so important, doing enough to make the piece and leaving room for personal interpretation by others. That’s the winning recipe I think. You just learned more about Carricocreations and me Rosco “Carrico” Crooke a.k.a. “Carrico” :) Chase down your dreams! God Bless!