How important is God?

Right off the bat you know this is a serious topic for everyone. Even if you say you don’t believe in God, you know others do and that people “say” that their lives are because of Him. For me I know that every thing centers around Him in some way. While I stumble and fall around I know God is always there for me to help keep me on the path He has for me. If it weren’t for God I would wildly taking anything and everything from anyone I wanted to. There would be not type of moral code or standards that I would live by. Without a healthy fear of God what can possibly hold someone back? The idea of being moral has always been so foolish to me. It doesn’t even begin to make since without the thought of God behind it. So not only is God always there to help me up when I stumble and fall. He is also the one who I respectfully fear and that keeps me on a straighter path and keeps me out of trouble.

Picture of To God Be The Glory

This room was used for drugs and sin. Now God has lead in it being something beautiful.

God is in every decision I make whether I include Him or not. He watches everything I do and He expects me to come to Him with questions and a looking for Wisdom and Knowledge all the time. He wants me to seek His instruction in the smallest of things I do. It might sound very childish in some ways, but I’m told to come to Him as a child. He is my Heavenly Father and it’s Him that I’m to seek all the time. He delights in the smallest of things we do for Him. He receives the weakest of things I do in Christ Jesus name as something great. He looks at it and is delighted! Being a Christian isn’t about not sinning and being moral. It’s about looking at God and searching after Him. When you do that you start to automatically separate yourself from sinning to be closer to Him. God isn’t about people locking themselves up in their rooms so they won’t go out and sin. He is about “living and doing for Him” It’s hard for everyone including myself to see the difference. Basically I’m trying to say with keeping God in mind all the time, life is so much higher and so much better for a bunch of different reasons. Without the knowledge of Him and all that He is and does. I would be going crazy attacking, stealing, and everything you can imagine. God is the only thing that keeps me on course and gives life real meaning. You’ve just learned something about Carricocreations and something about me Rosco “Carrico” Crooke and most importantly something about “God” Have a blessed day!

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