“Cell of primal passion” the story behind the painting

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Around 10 months went by with this image in my head and yet I wouldn’t let myself work on this piece. Sometimes I get very stubborn about what I’m going to work on first. I had at least 6 other paintings lined up in my mind that I had to get out before I would allow myself to finally get started.

Over the 10 months of waiting it become more clear to me all the time. When I think of passion in any form it always stands out to me as a single cell first. Whether it’s passion for a person, place, idea, or whatever else; it has to start in the smallest form first. This is the smallest form of passion you’ll find. A single cell that represents the complexity, beauty, life and yet chaotic simplicity of overall design; that is how passion really works in us. Passion often feels like “singleness of mind” as to something you want. That singleness is much more complicated than it seems. Why else would people be willing to fight for what they are passionate about and why would they be willing to give things up for that same reason?

Cell of primal passion painting by Rosco Carrico Crooke

“Cell of primal passion” beautiful chaotic simplicity for wanting something.

Passion is full of color, danger, holes, highs and lows. It’s a more than a feeling, thought, dream, or biological reaction. It’s something that resides inside of us right down at our deepest core. Sometimes passion drives us wild and sometimes we can go completely crazy from our passions. Trying to “manage our passions” is often overdone and yet sometimes needed.
A clear vision of passion is very important to me. It helps with understanding why chasing down a dream is so important and why living without passion “really isn’t living at all.”

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my short post about passion and why I created the painting. This was on my mind and I had to just get it out and share it.
God Bless you and may you embrace your passion for going after life and not just existing :)
Sincerely, Rosco “Carrico” Crooke

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