Eye-catching “Artistic Infection” why I had to create this piece.

Artistic Infection a painting by Rosco "Carrico" Crooke

Months ago while trying to define, refine, and align my “creating art process” I realized that I needed to surrender to it. There is this unsettling energy that seems to come over me when I want to start the day off creating something. I’ll sit down and try to paint, draw, work with leather, film, or something of this nature and this weird energy will come over me and not want to go away. I almost feel guilty working on art instead of doing something around the house or doing something else in general.

After spending so many years working for someone, it’s like it feels wrong to simply work on something I’m creating. It’s a struggle to “give myself permission” to calm down and create what’s inside me, for a while I was reading books, blogs, and whatever else I could to try and solve this.

Finally one day I realized that I just needed to fix something around the house, do a couple chores or something and then I could relax enough to get started creating. I have a very strong stubborn streak and I think it’s more with myself than anything else. So finally surrendering to the idea of “getting a few other things done first” took me more time than it probably should have.

Artistic Infection a painting by Rosco "Carrico" Crooke

“Artistic Infection” being an artist is an exercise in not fighting the infection we have, but learning how to use that -artistic infection- we have running through us in order to bring fresh air and new ideas to revitalize the mind and soul, in order to bring strength to the heart.

As a result of that struggle, I started working on this piece “Artistic Infection.” All the time I was trying to “find my process” this image was in my mind. It’s an example of a childlike imagination and infection combined. That’s the type of mindset I think all artists have inside them. They may not think of it like this, but deep down they have an ability to tap into that child-likeness and Art is more of an infection than anything else. When creating Art gets into your DNA, you can’t do very many things to stop it. It’s a good infection, one that can drive you to almost madness and yet lift you up in just a moment. Having an infection to create art is a gift, just learning how to embrace it has been the challenge. If you have that infection inside you, don’t fight it. Learn what your “process” is and “hold on tight!!!!” Do what you have to do in order to make it happen. Figuring out how isn’t easy, but afterwards you’ll have the knowledge to go continue forward.

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