What does an artist really do?

rosco carrico crooke creating a new abstract painting

Recently I’ve been working on a video about who artists are and what they really do. There have been so many thoughts rambling around in my head about this and it comes down to two ideas,”it’s all about creating and communicating.” Artists want to create something that they’re thinking and or feeling and communicate by the finished piece itself. The creating is the biggest part of the two piece question and answer. You would think a strong idea would be the start of any piece of art, but many times it seems to come from an overwhelming emotion that wants out. It may not look that way at all to the person looking at the art, but it certainly does for the person that created it. Sometimes the emotion is something that’s been festering for years or something that just recently happened. With all that said, there are times that artists themselves might not even realize why they are making, somehow “it just seemed like the thing to make.” Often times artists are driven to inspire others and on while other times they are trying to drag people down with them. It may not seem that way, but take a close look at the work itself and then get to know the artist. You’ll soon realize there is much truth in that.


So how do some of these people share what’s going on inside themselves? What’s the difference between making something that looks cool and making something that is really being shared from deep within that people would call art? I don’t know that there really is a difference. The more you think about it, the more you come to realize that even the lady that draws what seems to be a simple funny comic strip is sharing something. While it might be funny, that might just be something missing in her life and that’s her way of filling that void or maybe she really is happy and wants to share it, she is in fact an artist that’s creating and communicating. Some of the most beautiful pieces of art can come from a longing for something beautiful, not a thought or emotion of having something beautiful or being beautiful. The more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to think that art isn’t always honest.

rosco painting an abstract painting

With each finished painting I’m creating something new and sharing thoughts and emotions that really wanted out!!!

People often look at other people(often artists) in the wrong manner for not understanding them. What I’m learning is that I often looked at artists as slackers or just lazy people and I was very wrong for that. The reality is many of them were just trying to create and share what’s going on inside. Sometimes people are very shy and don’t know how to just blab out everything that’s going on, but that’s a good thing. We wouldn’t want everyone to not be shy and we wouldn’t want everyone to just be “going with the flow.” Sometimes art gives that person the necessary tools to share EXACTLY what’s going on with them. More often then not, they want people to understand and receive the artwork and the artist who made it. They just don’t have the tools to say that. I’ll never see something as simple as doodle the same way again, nor the person creating it. People need artists to help challenge them to feel and think. So many people are closed up and are just going about their day. They need art infused wake-up calls for their minds and soul stirring designs and colors for their hearts to open. People need to have the routine of their lives disturbed and if they’re brought before the right piece of art, that can most certainly happen! My name is Rosco “Carrico” Crooke and you just learned more about me and Carricocreations. God is good!
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kraftstitch stressed out in the creative workshop

Artists are often misunderstood, but that’s part of the reason they’re artists.

Original paintings come from somewhere deep inside.

Original abstract painting titled Warrior wounded by love by artist Rosco "Carrico" Crooke

If you have pain or joy inside you, share it in a painting.

There is nothing so free as putting paint on a brush and letting it out on a canvas to share. To be able to use color, shape, design, texture, the expectation of light in low to heavy amounts is a great thing. When I can finally relax enough to “just paint” it’s so energizing and emptying all at once. It’s like getting out something that’s horrible and deep inside you. Then when it’s all over, you feel like a weight is off your chest and you can breathe so much better and see things much more clearly again. Then there are times when you have something of great joy inside you that you just want to share with people and express it in a way they can simply feel and or take in. I don’t think anyone can usually really “fully understand” what most paintings are about.

That might sound really silly to some, but even a landscape that looks really simple to some might have a totally different inspiration and meaning to the person that created it. An artist can share thoughts on how and why they created it, but often listening to them you can feel like they are holding something back. Maybe they are painting a nice calm landscape “because they’ve never lived in that kind of setting” or it’s a place that holds a good or bad memory for them. The great thing is when the paint starts to flow a part of you flows right along with it. It’s a release of something that needed out and needed to be put into form.

Warrior wounded by love. A painting about love,pain, and results thereof.

Warrior wounded by love

Art is a heavily debated topic by many and taste comes into play most of the time. People may not use the term “taste,” but that’s exactly what it really is. For me I have started to feel like I’m letting down walls and letting go of fears. The last several years I had become very “conditioned” over time by places I had worked at and or influences in my circle or even just media in all it’s forms. Finding some resources that brought me out of the fog I was in changed everything. God got a hold of me and brought some certain people into my circle. Then He brought a handful of books my way and released many of my fears away. Now that I’m painting abstract and surreal paintings, I’m able to let out and expand who I really am. I said all that so you would know more about me and maybe feel inspired to do some painting yourself. If you sit down and let something come to you that’s deep inside, you can’t go wrong!!! It will be a piece of you shared with anyone you want to share it with. Sometimes sharing is the one thing a person is really missing out on. The more I share the more I grow and the better things are. My name is Rosco “Carrico” Crooke and you’ve just learned more about me and how I think and feel. God Bless

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