Color can change everything!

Carricocreations studio that original paintings by Rosco "Carrico" Crooke are made

For some people color is a big issue and for me it’s a huge issue! I don’t know how much you know about how different colors affect people, but there is some real science behind all this. Years have been spent on watching how people react to a room of certain color. You’ve probably heard about a red room will make someone mad or a blue room will make someone depressed and there is some truth in all this.

What I’m learning is that the trick is to use a combination of color

Carricocreations studio that original paintings are made from

Carricocreations studio “The Creative Workshop” a truly inspirational workshop.

s in a room to get the mind going into a creative, productive, inspired and determined mood or mindset. I think I’ve truly tapped into that and found some great answers. As you can see from this pic of “The Creative Workshop” the studio from which Carricocreations was formed and creates out of, there are several colors going on. You may also notice that they are strategically placed and that’s with good reason. It’s not by chance that the ceiling is what I call,”comic book yellow” and the walls are a particular shade of “turquoise” and “cranberry.” Also, the colors are separated by black caulking. There are other colors going on as well, ┬átake the neon orange that separates the comic book yellow ceiling. You’ll notice the door has various colors that break things up and the window has different color and color patterns surrounding it as well. Other places in this space have various colors and patters; this all works together for a reason.

None of this is random or just because. These colors were chosen because of the emotions they tap into and the thought process that flow from that. Yellow is inspiring and freeing, Cranberry is passionate and blood pumping, Turquoise and really this particular shade of it is calming and creative. When you put all these colors together in a pattern to show very deliberate separation the mind uses them in a unique way.

Somehow in this setting your mind calms down from all the worries of the world and you start to feel inspired, free, passionate, and creative. It’s almost like a place has been made to where your mind transforms into a totally different state. It’s harder to get really angry in this space and it’s harder to feel depressed in this space. I added different ways to light this space as well, so when I want a more calm mood I turn certain strip lighting off. When I want to feel really inspired and very productive to create something new, I make sure all the strip lights are on and turn down the one’s at the bottom of the room. Color can change your perspective, I’ve learned to appreciate all of them together for specific uses and can now see how they work with each other in a unique way. Use color and change your life! My name is Rosco “Carrico” Crooke and you’ve just learned more about me and Carricocreations. Chase down your dreams!

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