Freeing up your time by getting things done!

This is a picture of creating "The Creative Workshop" sign.

This is a picture of creating “The Creative Workshop” sign.

The more I work on finishing a huge “to do list” I created months ago, the more free I now feel to just create. While creating is always the major goal in mind, it’s often put on the back burner with worrying one way or another about other things getting done. Without certain things out of the way it almost seems impossible to “give myself permission” to simply CREATE! I’m thinking now that everything that’s been going on with my “to do list” and working on creative art projects has been exactly what I needed. Everyone has a different “creative process” on how they get things done. For some people it might be much easier and maybe they don’t need lists to help remind them of what they need to do. What I’m learning is that I do and that’s alright, now I embrace it and it’s helping me with now working on video, making some tie dye, and finishing a few paintings. I also seem to like to make things in three or four it seems. It’s like I need something very serious to work on, very colorful, very spiritual, and then a inner random piece that I don’t really know how to explain. This helps me relax on each piece and helps me not feel a need to incorporate all those things into a single piece, but separate pieces and keep them honest. The more I make and the more I think about “the process” in itself, the more I am learning about myself and how much more work I need on me,lol. Everyone is a work in progress though and that’s why God doesn’t give up on us. He is always bending and shaping us into something useful for His Glory and that is a great thing to lean on. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to share a handful of my new creations and you can see what comes out of all this random and structured thinking. Thank you for reading, you’ve just learned something about me Rosco “Carrico” Crooke and Carricocreations. What are your thoughts on freeing up time to get things done? What holds you back and what helps you move forward? Love to hear what’s going on in your head and life. God Bless “Carrico”

Picture of some tie dye shirts and feel great about being able to use so many colors.

Made some tie dye shirts and feel great about being able to use so many colors.

The last 10% is the hardest!

Recently as I’ve been going down my to do list and getting some things done. I noticed a certain feeling and or thought process coming upon me. I’ve got so much done that I feel like I should be able to take a break or that there should be more results right now.

The problem with thinking this way, is that it’s totally off. The last bit of stuff I need to get done is what’s going to make everything else work. If I stop or even slow down now, I may never put out that last bit of effort to push through and do all the finishing touches.

Without the finishing touches on any matter in life, you simply don’t have anything. It’s the little things that make all the difference and all the hard work and planning in the world can’t change that. If you’re going to start something make sure you are resolved to seeing it finished completely or just don’t do it at all.  I’m saying that to everyone else, in order to do it myself. My wires may be off and crossed, but I’m going to see all this finished!!!

tie dye shirt blue and purple

The last 10% of any project is the hardest. If you don’t do it, you’ve got nothing.