“The tree of doubt” painting!

Months ago I could feel doubt trying to creep into my thoughts about my passion for art. Doubt is usually this little voice squeaking in your head that tells you why something isn’t going to work. It has an amazing way of giving you every reason that something is a “bad idea” or “isn’t safe or usually done that way.” It’s with this small quiet voice that doubt has so much power. Finally I knew I needed to create a piece to visualize doubt and be able to move past it. I have always had to visualize things a certain way before I could move on. Now that I’ve embraced painting, it’s allowing me to put that vision into a solid form to be remembered and studied. So I went to work on creating,”The Tree of Doubt.” The East Oregonian Newspaper mentioned this painting recently. Here’s a link to the article

The Tree of Doubt painting Rosco "Carrico" Crooke

Living with doubt is not an option if you want to move forward with anything.

Everything you see in the painting is done for a specific reason. The colors ans shapes I picked for very particular reasons and the shape of the tree is very particular of course to explain the shape do doubt. I don’t like to explain away my pieces by filling in all the blanks and laying out all the info like a technical manual. What I will do is give some information about it and leave the rest to the viewer. Notice that the branches on the tree all aim down and in slightly. That’s because doubt doesn’t let you grow up or out, only down and in to make a person collapse upon themselves. Notice that the base is very small and the roots are hardly there. That’s because doubt keeps you from growing roots as well. You’ll also notice that the tree is tilted slightly as well, almost like the tree is going to fall over. “That’s where doubt always keeps you!!!” Doubt is what leads people to “Exist” and not LIVE! It is merciless in the way it takes a hold of a person and it never wants to surrender. So remember that you can’t make doubt surrender, instead you have to “KILL” doubt! You must resolve yourself to never listening to it and being a destroyer of any doubt that enters your life and the lives of those immediately around you. If you don’t take this approach, a small seed of doubt will start to grow and enter into the Kingdom of your heart and mind again. Doubt, fear, and everything like them are more powerful than we realize. Once I finished this piece I could feel the life in doubt fading away and no longer remaining. I hope that is how anyone that looks at this piece feels and acts after looking at this piece. It might take time to conquer doubt, but it is totally necessary to move forward in life.


I love making paintings that glow in the dark and that take on a new life under black light.

Thank you all so much for your time :)
Any questions or comments please feel free and encouraged to send them.
Thanks again, Rosco “Carrico” Crooke

What does Art do for anyone?

Painting Abstractula freezing over by Rosco Crooke

I ask myself this question more and more all the time now in different ways “What does art do for anyone?” Great news is that I have my answer to that now and more clearly than ever.

Painting Abstractula freezing over by Rosco Crooke

“Abstractula freezing over” this piece has so much going on in it. I don’t want to explain it away, it’s something you’ll find for yourself.

Art breaks up the routine of our lives in a great way!!! I cannot stress this point enough, but I will certainly try.

The daily routine most of us get into can become robotic and set our minds on cruise control. Wake up, shower, eat, say hello to family, go to work, come home, visit a little, eat, visit, and then do some evening ritual before bed.

Sometimes that repetition can lead us to ignore that which we were are around the most and forget we even have it. A loss of appreciation for the simplest of things and for what’s really going on.

I believe Art in many various forms stimulates the mind and opens us up to thinking and more importantly “feeling” again. It might even be because you hate the art and can’t stand it with every ounce of who you are, but at least there is a feeling. I believe good art makes you,”Appreciate what you see, makes you think, and makes you feel.” When all of those things come together it can be inspiring. If it’s only one or two of those things, at least there is some -outside daily life routine stimuli- going on and it’s needed more than ever. If people think that I’m wrong about this, take a look around at how many people suffer from depression, melancholy, lethargy and all the other stuff like it. It’s been shown that people with issues like this respond to art in a very positive way. While others may not exactly have issues like this. They can be elevated in thought and emotion by the experience of Art.

Painting Melancholy Me by Rosco Crooke

“Melancholy Me” if you’ve ever felt Melancholy you’ll understand this piece very well.

I think more people really like Art and they don’t even realize it. You see it all the time if you really think about what Art is. It may be that just the word “Art” itself triggers something in people to think of the Rich Snobby people eating wine and cheese while laughing at horrible jokes.  That’s not what “Art” is and when people see the work itself and not the hoity-toity people around it. I think they truly do appreciate it, even if they won’t admit it.

To summarize this is one shot.
Art breaks up daily routine and breathes life back into. It makes us think, feel, and challenge what we’re doing. It helps us appreciate what we have and what we want. It opens us up!

I hope you enjoyed the post :) Love to hear any thoughts, comments, shares, or whatever is on your mind. God Bless, Rosco “Carrico” Crooke

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