Emotionally exhausted and needing a recharge!

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on getting everything done on my to do list and some of the things on my to do list are pretty small detailed items. I’ve not gotten alot of sleep over this period of time and while it’s been really great, now I feel a weird wave of emotional exhaustion and or something else I can’t really describe. Right now it’s time for a recharge moment! I don’t know exactly what it will take, but there are a couple constants that I’ve found. The first one is “some time of real prayer” another is “reading the bible.” Some things I’ll also do is go to the river to just think and listen to the water and write down ideas that are running around inside. Maybe I’ll get with some friends and do some bowling and or playing some cards? Sometimes to recharge I really need to be alone and other times I really need friends and family. At some point I’ll eventually find my way to a painting I’m working on or even start a new one. And even though I’ll feel drained, that might be what the painting or paintings need. It’s weird how sometimes you have to get tired enough inside to let go of all the other stupid stuff going on. You’d think that you can learn to just relax and work on something, but the truth is that it isn’t always that easy. Sometimes you kinda have to crash to focus your energy into fixing or making something. Doing enough to be drained is a good thing and I’m just now learning that. For me lots of times painting is recharging! I’m probably just rambling and babbling, but what do you expect? I titled this “emotionally exhausted and needing a recharge” for a reason :) My name is Rosco “Carrico” Crooke and you’ve just learned more about me and Carricocreations. Chase down your dreams!

Going bowling on a night of freedom

Going bowling on a night of freedom.

The last 10% is the hardest!

Recently as I’ve been going down my to do list and getting some things done. I noticed a certain feeling and or thought process coming upon me. I’ve got so much done that I feel like I should be able to take a break or that there should be more results right now.

The problem with thinking this way, is that it’s totally off. The last bit of stuff I need to get done is what’s going to make everything else work. If I stop or even slow down now, I may never put out that last bit of effort to push through and do all the finishing touches.

Without the finishing touches on any matter in life, you simply don’t have anything. It’s the little things that make all the difference and all the hard work and planning in the world can’t change that. If you’re going to start something make sure you are resolved to seeing it finished completely or just don’t do it at all.  I’m saying that to everyone else, in order to do it myself. My wires may be off and crossed, but I’m going to see all this finished!!!

tie dye shirt blue and purple

The last 10% of any project is the hardest. If you don’t do it, you’ve got nothing.