Art and creative projects aren’t easy to make simple.

The more art or creative projects I do. Example:tie dyes, paintings, videos etc..I’m realizing more and more how creating with so many options is alot of work.¬†Throwing everything in something or not holding anything back is the easy part. That’s not really being creative though, if you throw everything you’re thinking onto something you end up with a mess. It’s the restraint that makes something special, holding back small things to get a bigger picture across. Many times when I’m painting I just want to go crazy with colors, but I realize that if I don’t hold something back I’ll lose the “idea” of what I’m making. That’s so important to hold onto and run with.

The Carricocreations studio, The Creative Workshop sign

Made the sign for Carricocreations studio,”The Creative Workshop” lots of fun playing with the carpet and dyes to make it just right. I really like crossing the “I’

I am going to use less restraint in a couple new acrylic paintings I’m working on and with a couple new pairs of tie dye jeans I’m going to make, but those are exceptions. Using restraint and being creative work for and against each other all the time. It’s such a weird mindset to work from when you think about it. You want to be creative, but if you go too far you have a mess. Sometimes a mess on a piece of canvas is considered to be great art and if it reflects what the artist wants to say, then it can be. Most of the time for me I’m moved by creations where I can “see” the thought that was behind or at least feel like I see it.

Creating a tie dye shirt

Creating a tie dye shirt is lots of fun. Try it a few times and you’ll be hooked.

Even in so called “randomness” there is order of some kind. Many would argue that, but the human mind works to find order in everything. That’s why restraint in creativity can be so important, doing enough to make the piece and leaving room for personal interpretation by others. That’s the winning recipe I think. You just learned more about Carricocreations and me Rosco “Carrico” Crooke a.k.a. “Carrico” :) Chase down your dreams! God Bless!