Things change when a loved one is sick or injured.

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Recently my Mother called to tell me she was having an intestinal problem and there was blood involved. The moment I heard this everything changed for me. I was no longer thinking of art or making something or calling someone or anything at all really. My mind went to one place only “Is Mom going to be alright?” Since then I took her in to get some blood work and they found nothing in it, which is good. We dropped off a stool sample as well, but somehow they said it was “contaminated” and they would need another sample. So now it is the waiting game and what is wrong with Mom. She now says that there isn’t anymore blood involved. This is a big relief to me and to her and the rest of the family, but the question of what is going on is still present. I just wanted to share how “in one moment” everything changes! God uses moments like these to remind me of what and especially “who is important in our lives.” Below is a pic of my Mother Donna Crooke, a true one of a kind!

mom in tie dye shirt I made

My Mom in a tie dye shirt I made for her.

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