Why do people asking for help not read what’s given to them?

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I’m a very select reader for sure, not a huge fan of fiction and that eliminates many books right there. Also, I’m pretty select on what kind of historical or life event books I’ll read. One of the biggest reasons for being so picky is the “What am I going to get out of it thought?” However, when it comes to a book or an article someone has wrote that I think may change my life, somehow I am totally open to it. There are plenty of worthless self-help books and things of that nature out there to read, but there are some that are really great. When I finally find something that really makes me think and or challenges me I can’t help wanting to share it with people and hear about what it’s done for them. The problem is many people don’t want to take the time to even get started reading something. They won’t even give it a chance and if the book requires them to answer questions at the end of each chapter or something, there is no way they wan’t to do that. People will ask for help in various forms, but they won’t take any time to read, think, and or question what’s going on. They don’t want to take any steps towards being better usually, even if it’s such thing as reading a small book.

The biggest part of changing your life is questioning and answering those questions. Almost every time I’ve given out certain books that ask you to fill this out here or on a separate piece of paper write down what you think about etc… or what you want to do etc…  most people simply won’t do what the book asks and then they return back with,”I didn’t really get much out of that book.” I’ll always ask if they did the exercises in the book and I almost always get those same old answers,”Not really, I just kinda read through it fast.” Sometimes it’s hard to convey something being life changing in a simple conversation. You just hope that people will eventually come around and be interested enough to make changes. It’s hard to hold back making an effort to help those around you.

 I threw this out here in an emotional reckless state of mind, but sometimes that’s the best time to share something. No bells and whistles, just real thoughts that are pressing my mind. Oh! I should make sure to add that the main books I’m talking about are, “Rhinoceros Success, Advanced Rhinocerology, Rhinocerotic Relativity, all those are by Scott Robert Alexander. You can find him on facebook or on his website http://scottrobertalexander.com/ The other book is 48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller. You can find him on http://www.48days.com/

scott alexanders book Rhinocerotic Relativity

A great book for changing your life.

The 48 days book has all the exercises you need at the end of each chapter to learn about yourself, I can’t stress enough how important that is! It helps you actually figure out what you really want to do.  As for the Rhino books by Scott Alexander I can’t say enough about them, they are simply life changing books. If you have ever thought about having your own business or simply going after your dreams, these are the books to read and live by. His books will help you chase down your dreams!!! 

Rhinoceros Success book cover pic

A life changing book that will challenge you, it’s something you need.

Advanced Rhinocerology by Scott Alexander

Life changing book for those that either hate their job or simply want to go after their dreams.

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  1. Very true. It is simply mind boggling the number of people who wish to complain about their situation in life, but have no interest in changing it.

    It is as if they are saying, “No, I’d rather complain and gripe about the issue than fix the issue.”

    • Utilizer thank you much for your sharing your thoughts on this. I can feel your frustration on this same issue. I totally agree with you that people seem to say,”No, I’d rather complain and gripe about the issue than fix the issue.” I never am comfortable with that kind of attitude, it just makes you sick to see it. The hardest thing about it is not how much work it all takes to change, but how little work it takes to get started and people won’t do that most of the time. Thank you again for sharing Utilizer. Rosco “Carrico” Crooke

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